The following are included in the Kids In The Kitchen Measuring Set:

  • Weighing scales
  • Timer
  • Measuring spoons

The following is included in the Kids In The Kitchen Baking Set:

  • Mixing bowl

You will also need:

  • Large cake tin (23cm x 30cm / 10”x12” or similar)
  • Saucepan
  • Wooden spoon
How to make your flapjacks
  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/gas mark 4. Line and grease (with oil or butter) the cake tin.
  2. Add the butter, syrup and sugar to a saucepan and place over a low heat. Stir until the mixture is melted and has a smooth consistency. Ask a grown up to help with this and take care with the hot pan and hob.
  3. In a mixing bowl, add the melted butter and sugar mixture to the oats and salt. If using other ingredients to create your own flavours (see below), add these at this stage. Stir all the ingredients together until combined.
  4. Spoon into the greased tin and press down lightly so that it is even.
  5. Ask a grown up to place the tin in the oven and bake until golden brown – 20-25 minutes on your timer!
  6. Ask a grown up to remove from the oven and leave in the tin to cool. Once cool enough to handle, remove from the tin and cut into bars. If you are adding a chocolate topping (see below), do this and let it cool before removing from the tin.

Why not try adding the following flavours...

Ginger - add 2 tsp ground ginger and 50g chopped crystallised ginger
Sultana and raisin - add 75g mixed dried fruit
Apricot - add 75g chopped dried apricots
Chocolate - This can be added to any of the variations. Once the flapjacks are cooled from the oven, ask a grown up to help you melt a large bar of chocolate (either slowly in the microwave or in a glass bowl over a pan of simmering water) and pour over the flapjack. Place in the refrigerator until set.

What other flavour combinations can you come up with!?


To make about 16 flapjacks, you will need:
  • 200g quick cook porridge oats
  • 100g butter at room temperature
  • 150g soft brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp/30ml Golden syrup
  • ¼ tsp/1.25ml salt
Plus a little extra butter or oil for greasing